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You know as an instructor that there are never enough hours in the classroom for students to be able to learn and master all of the material. Students need to study on their own in addition to classroom time or they simply will not master the material to the degree they need in order to pass. But not all students do well when left with the textbook alone. Today, online learning provides you the ability to give all of your students greater support outside of the classroom and increase your school's revenue.

Interactive study material

Online video allows you to extend the teacher student relationship outside of the classroom. Students can review the material covered in class, answer homework questions, and quickly get feedback to test their understanding of the material as they review, prompting deeper thought and greater understanding.

Promote student interaction

Social media platforms have shown that the internet is an effective tool for discussion and the sharing of ideas. Communication is built into our platform to promote discussion between students. Greater discussion allows students to help and learn from each other, increases student rapport, and promotes learning. Instructor tools allow you to know exactly where students are struggling, and improves your responsiveness to student challenges, as well as the learning environment in your class.


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